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In this community, LiveJournal staff will post polls, surveys, and questions, in order to get feedback from LJ users. Feel free to comment on entries here to let us know what you're thinking! If you have questions about how to use LiveJournal, or if you'd like to report a problem, please open a support request instead.

LJ Inbox improvement

Hello again, lj_feedbackers!

Today, we're looking for your thoughts on how the functionality and interface of the LJ Inbox page - - could be improved. (For newer users or anyone unfamiliar with this page, the Inbox is where you can read any private messages that have been sent to you or see the notifications for the subscriptions you've signed up for, as long as you've chosen for those things to be delivered to the LJ Inbox. More info on the Inbox can be found over here.)

We're going to be redesigning the Inbox page in the upcoming months. While we already have some general ideas for improvement (user-defined folders and labels, the ability to "star" or otherwise mark things as important, etc), we want to be sure to get your ideas as well.

So, some questions to get you started:

1) What functionality of the Inbox do you use the most or find most useful? How would you make those things even better?

2) Are there parts of the Inbox you never use, and why? (Is it because you have no use for them, or are they hard to understand/use, and so on.)

3) What features of your personal email programs would you most like to see made available in the LJ Inbox?

These questions are just a starting point -- don't feel like you need to stick strictly to these questions if it's easier for you to just free-form your answer.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing your ideas! :)


Writer's Block!

Hello again!

As many of you have likely already seen, we brought back the Writer's Block feature last week! We're so excited to finally get this great feature reinstated. :)

If you're using the redesigned version of the LiveJournal site, you can see the new WB module on the homepage or you can add it as a widget right onto your Friends Feed page. For those using the older version of LiveJournal (or for those who just prefer using the community), you can follow the writersblock community to see each day's question and answer from there. (For those watching the community, sorry about the extra posts there right now -- there's currently a bug where answers from OpenID accounts are being posted by the lj_bot account directly to the community as new entries. This problem should be fixed soon!)

If you haven't tried the feature yet and want more information about it, please see our news post from last week over here.

So this post is to get your feedback about the return of Writer's Block. Have you run into any bugs while answering the prompts? Are there changes you'd like to see regarding how it works, or are there any parts of it you find confusing or hard to use? Have you found the question suggestion process to be simple to use?

Let us know what you think! And be sure to not only answer the day's question but also submit questions you'd like to see used -- we'll be randomly sending v-gifts to a few users for their answers or submitted questions as time goes by.

Thanks! :)

Album Security

Hello everyone!

So we're in the early stages of creating a video hosting service, and wanted to get your input on how to handle an important issue: security.

The video hosting service, much like our image hosting service Scrapbook, will allow you to organize videos by albums (folders) with security levels that are consistent with existing security levels on LiveJournal: Public, Friends Only, Private, and Custom.

What we're trying to decide is if all videos in an album should automatically have their security level set based on the security level of the album, or have a security level entirely independent of it.

Currently, Scrapbook handles this by allowing you to have different security levels for albums and the individual images in that album. We want both the video and image hosting services to handle security the same way, but we also think it's important to see if the way it's already being handled is ideal or not.

The main advantage to having different security levels for images/videos and the albums they are stored in is that it allows you to restrict browsing of the albums with a higher security level, such as Friends Only, while having the individual images or videos public which you can still easily share. The main advantage to having everything be the same is clarity and ease of use, it would be easier to set and know what the security level of your content is.

Which way would you prefer security to work?

I think there should be different security levels for albums and their contents.
I think everything in an album should have the same security level as the album itself.

Thanks for your feedback, and have a great weekend!

About LiveJournal Video

Hello again, everyone!

Have you ever told one of your friends that you love LiveJournal, but weren't sure how to explain to them what it is or why they should be using it? We've put together a video that can help, and want you to be the first people to see it!

We hope you like it, and please let us know what you think!

New Friends feed customization options

Hi everyone!

Last week, we added a lot of customization options for the Friends feed page. There are several new options for customizing the font, the text colors, the foreground and background colors, and more. This post in the lj_releases community has more information and screenshots of how to get to the new settings.

So for those of you who are using the feed page and have looked through these options, how are the new settings working for you? What's working well and what isn't? What customization options are still missing that you'd like to see added? (Two things already noted in our list are the inability to add a header image, and that some users want to be able to re-size or remove the widget sidebar.)

Please comment with your thoughts on what changes or additions you'd like to see for the feed. And don't worry, the old-style Friends page isn't going anywhere -- will still give you the Friends page styled the same as the main journal.

Thanks! :)

(ETA: To clarify a point about these options -- they were only added to the /feed page in the redesigned version of LiveJournal. If you're not seeing this long list of options pop-out of the side when you click the gear icon, then you're not using the new version of LJ.

[click to see image]

You'd need to switch to the new version first to then see these new customization options on the /feed page. If you're using the old version of LJ, the home page - - will contain a "Switch to the new version" link in the header bar area.)


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